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Watch Chris Forsberg Disassemble the Carbon Fiber Body from His Formula Drift Car

Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg tears down the carbon fiber body on his old V8 powered Nissan 370Z.

Chris Forsberg is a Formula Drift championship-winning driver. He has participated in Formula Drift since its inaugural year in 2004. Forsberg is in the middle of the Formula Drift off season. He is taking the free time to disassemble his old Nissan 370Z Formula Drift car’s carbon fiber panels. 

Forsberg’s current drift office is a Nissan 370Z powered by a Nissan VQ42 V6 engine combined with a Nameless Performance Twin Turbo set up with Anti-Lag giving him 1,000 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque. His prior car was a Nissan 370Z powered by a Nissan VK56 Titan V8 engine with a nitrous oxide kit giving him more than 1,000 horsepower. His prior Nissan 370Z V8 engine powered office is the one which received the carbon fiber body tear down treatment.

Helping Forsberg was Dylan Hughes. Hughes is part of Forsberg’s drift team and a Formula Drift driver in his own right driving in the Pro 2 category. 

Forsberg and Hughes go through the teardown starting with the hood. The car features some damage when it visited the Goodwood Festival of Speed to participate in the hillclimb event. Damaged rear bumper, cracked tail lights, damaged rear quarter panel, you get to see how little is holding the body to the drift car. The duo remove the carbon rear wing which will be replaced with a Nismo rear wing. In fact, the car is being disassembled so it can be fitted with new body parts. Zip ties are clearly a drift cars best friend. 

Check out Chris Forsberg’s Nissan 370Z Carbon Fiber Body Tear Down video below.