Watch Chris Forsberg Drift Around a Junkyard

The Formula Drift champ shows off his own form of Gymkhana.

byDanny Korecki|
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Ken Block's Gymkhana motorsport videos set the tone for all viral car videos. His recent Terrakhana and upcoming Climbkhana, which will be released next Monday, surely raise the bar, but enter drifting driver Chris Forsberg. 

A few days ago I wrote about Forsberg touring a museum. Well his current setting is the polar opposite of that: a junkyard. Forsberg teamed up with NOS Energy Drink to create PROXIMITY by NOS

If you do not know him, Chris Forsberg is a Formula Drift championship-winning driver who has participated in the series since its creation back in 2004. In Formula Drift, his office is a Nissan 370Z powered by a Nissan VQ42 V6 engine combined with Nameless Performance Twin Turbo set up with Anti-Lag, giving him 1,000 horsepower and 800 foot-pounds of torque to play with. When he is not participating in Formula Drift he also currently hosts multiple car shows for Network A such as Garage Tours and Drift Garage

Chris Forsberg is no stranger to viral car videos. Forsberg along side his buddy Ryan Tuerck previously teamed up with the Hoonigan guys for a Black Friday viral drift video as well as working with the crew from Donut Media for multiple videos

For Proximity, the video begins with Forsberg being carted away in a body panel-less Nissan 370Z. He backs into a garage to get his car some skin in what can be described as the drift version of Transformers. Body panels, doors and bumpers are added to the car then the fun begins. 

He guns it out of the garage and gets straight to business. He drifts into painted plates that explode on contact erupting blue and orange powder all over the 370Z. He comes within inches of  junker cars multiple times.

This is not a Gymkhana knock off, Forsberg conveys his own style through the video. Check out the video below.