Fall Deep Into An Auto Vlog Spiral with Hoonigan’s Daily Transmission

Hoonigan’s Daily Transmission series gives you a shot of car in your day

byDanny Korecki|
Fall Deep Into An Auto Vlog Spiral with Hoonigan’s Daily Transmission

The Hoonigan brand is known for two things. Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos, but every Monday through Thursday the Hoonigan employees who work behind the scenes for the brand release a new daily video on their car related antics at the Hoonigan Donut Garage which they call Daily Transmission.

Most people share the opinion that their dream car job falls somewhere between being Clarkson, Hammond, or May or being a host of Top Gear UK, but with the stuff these Hoonigan employees do on a daily basis working with Hoonigan at the Donut Garage has to be up there.

They invite car culture personalities, race car drivers, tuner shops, celebrities, or anyone interesting enough to do burnouts, donuts, drift, wheelie, jump ramps, race in the parking lot, race crazy carts, or even wrench on their rides. Imagine everything you dreamed of doing with your car in an empty parking lot, well these guys do it on a loading dock.

This behind the scenes Hoonigan crew has gained enough traction and popularity with car enthusiasts that they even have a Forza Car Pack featuring all their personal cars for Forza Horizon 3 and the upcoming Forza Motorsport 7. To give you an idea of the range of their personal cars, they go from a Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) Porsche 911 Turbo to a Mazda RX-7 affectionately named Twerkstallion. 

As of writing this, there are 94 Daily Transmission videos totaling over 15 hours of content (I like math) which have featured many well-known car culture celebrities such as: Ken Block (of course), Magnus Walker, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Bill Caswell, Rhys Millen, Dai Yoshihara, Nate Hamiliton, and Josh Kalis (and his awesome tire slaying daughter Lila Kalis) to name a few.

I suggest you head on over to Hoonigan's YouTube channel and binge on all the released Daily Transmission content and subscribe for the future entertaining car madness.