Good Enough!: A New Vlog Series from Formula Drift Driver Chris Forsberg

Chris Forsberg partners with his mechanic Dylan Hughes to work on cars and they’re taking us along for the ride.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Racing photo

The Drive has covered Chris Forsberg a few times in the last few months. He is a multi-year winning Formula Drift champion after all. Forsberg is attempting to jump into the automotive Vlog game with a new series named Good Enough!

Joining Forsberg will be one of his mechanics of his Formula Drift team and friend Dylan Hughes. Hughes has popped up in a few of the cool Forsberg videos we've featured. We last saw him helping Forsberg disassemble the carbon fiber body panels on his old V8 engined Nissan 370Z Formula Drift car. As we mentioned then, Hughes is also a Formula Drift driver competing in the Pro2 Category. 

The video starts at Forsberg's California home and the duo have to load up Forsberg's Datsun 510 build while dealing with a rare rainy day. According to them, any drought could be solved if they just attempted to load up more cars, because it always rains on loading day. 

Eventually, the duo gets the Datsun loaded up and on its way to the shop. There you get to see them work on the automatic transmissions shifter linkage as well as some welding and fabrication work.

Being that it's the first video and first attempt—it's not perfect. Forsberg already commented on what they learned from filming the first episode and ask to "forgive the bad exposures and poor angles" as they filmed it all on their phones. Forsberg said in the description, "Episode 2 is already looking much better as we realized we needed to switch over to GoPro's immediately!" 

I will take race car drivers, mechanics, and automotive celebrities vlogging over click bate lifestyle vlogging any day.

Check out episode one of Good Enough! below.