Deal Spotlight: Save Your Old Car Summer With 20% off DBPower Jump Starters — Today Only!

Boy, did our 90s Suzuki Samurai need one of these back in '97.


Through the last half of the 1990s, I drove a 1987 Suzuki Samurai hardtop that was tough as nails but, had wiring seemingly spun from candyfloss, along with a string of cut-rate car batteries. The toy-sized off-roader had a dead battery as often as a live one, and back then I probably would’ve traded my collection of Pearl Jam concert tees for something as handy as a DBPower Lithium-Ion portable jump starter.

It’s today’s Deal of the Day on Amazon. Normally they cost anywhere from $70 to $95, but right now — and today only — you can pick one up for 20 percent off, starting at just 56 bucks. 


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As it was, the period-correct alternatives ranged from arduous to life-threatening. My buddy Hartman had a vague idea of how to push-start a stick-shift car so that was option #1, executed in the high school parking lot. While we eventually got the idea, literal false-starts were peppered with near concussions as he pushed, I bungled the clutch, and his dome careened into the tailgate.

Slightly better were the world’s cheapest (re: thinnest gauge) jumper cables that I eventually stuck in the back of the car. The cables typically got the job done, but were tantalizingly attractive for pranks to a 16-year-old idiot. Have you ever tried to light a cigarette with the sparks from a live jumper cable? I speak from personal experience when I say, “for the love of god don’t try this at home.” 

If only this lil’ li-ion jump pack had existed back then, I’d probably have spent the Summer of ‘97 with more of my eyebrows and Hartman with fewer concussions. At just over 7 inches long and 1.5 inches thick, it would’ve fit nicely in the Samurai's glovebox. And with a whopping 18,000 milliamp hours of capacity, and 800 amps of peak current, DBPower maintains I could’ve started the old Suzuki 20 times. Features like the 8-in-1 laptop adapters may have been lost on me, but I’m sure you’ll find use for them. 

The dream of the ‘90s may be dead, but thankfully your next dead battery will be easy to deal with if you score one of these DBPower packs at Amazon, today only. 

20% Off DBPower Jump Starters

Normally they cost anywhere from $70 to $95, but right now — and today only — you can pick one up for 20 percent off, starting at just 56 bucks.