The Drive’s Daily Deals Roundup: The Best Auto Gear On Sale This Week from Walmart, Lowe’s, Amazon, and More

Just in time for Father’s Day, check out these awesome deals picked daily by our staff daily.

byTim Kohut|
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You know what they say — another day, another deal. 

Well, by "they," I mean us right here at The Drive! Father's Day is less than a week away (it's this Sunday, so if you forgot, you're welcome) and if you're looking for some last-minute gift ideas for Pops, you've come to the right place. We've got some sweet deals on riding gear, brand new tools for your home garage, and outdoor stuff just in time for summer.

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Oh, and how can we forget Prime Day?! If you're not a huge fan of the usual Hallmark Holidays, you certainly can't miss out on what is essentially the holy grail of holidays for us members of Online-Shoppers-Anonymous. It's really the one day you can find almost anything on sale at Amazon, but you've got to be a Prime Member, so sign up for your free trial here.

Amazon Prime Day is next Monday and Tuesday, June 21-22. We have early Prime Day discounts below, along with a bunch of other awesome deals on electronics, gaming, shoes, and even some auto-centric toys. And yes, there's a friggin' sweet LEGO Millenium Falcon on the list, too. 

Happy Shopping y'all! 

Early Amazon Prime Day Deals


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Tools / Garage Gear

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