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Now Is the Time to Stock Up on Auto Emergency Equipment—Great Deals Just in Time for Rainy Season

You might be able to make roadside repairs in a pinch. But what about your partner, your kids, or your parents? Get prepared today.

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It’s that time of year again. Summer road trips are over, school and work are back in full swing, and it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your vehicles. Of course, all-season tires are always a consideration. But it’s also the ideal time to make sure your machines are prepared in case of an emergency.

Sure, you might be a handy person who can make roadside repairs in a pinch, even in inclement weather. But what about your partner, your kids, or your parents? Will they know what to do in case the car breaks down? Will they have everything they need to get to safety, or will they remain stranded? We’ve found four great products—all on sale today—that can help you prepare for worst-case scenarios. 

emergency led light
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Emergency products run the gamut, from flashing lights and hazard flares to tools and first aid kits. Here are some great deals on auto emergency products—just in time for the changing seasons. Stock up today.

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NexPow G17 Portable Car Jump Starter

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