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Deal Spotlight: Slime Tire Sealant Flat Fix Is Just $3.99 at Amazon

Not everyone knows how to change a tire, so stash one in the car of someone you care about.

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There’s nothing worse than getting stuck with a flat tire. While there are many fixes on the market, temporary and otherwise, there’s one sure-fire way that you — or your loved one — can get back on the road, fast: Slime Tire Sealant Emergency Flat Tire Repair

Normally $11.20 a can direct from the Slime Store at Amazon, right now this ingenious stuff is on sale for just $3.99! That’s a savings of $7.25 — nearly 65 percent. Stock up here! 

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As Car Folks know, this is absolutely, positively not a one-size-fits-all flat tire solution for everyone in every situation; it can be messy and potentially damaging to your tire if left to sit too long. Most of us (probably?) know how to put on a spare anyway. But does your partner? Your kids? Your mom? 

In a pinch, there’s no question that Slime works great 90 percent of the time. It’ll inflate the tire enough until you (or that person you care about) can get to a safe place, to either get help or call for it. And it’s far easier and faster than digging out and mounting up the ol’ donut. At this price, just to be safe, why not? Pick yours up today.