Watch a 75,000-Pound Dump Truck Drift at a Worksite Like No One’s Business

OSHA wants to know your location.

byChris Tsui|
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Thanks to Ken Block, we know an 8,000-pound Ford F-450 Super Duty can indeed drift. But how about 40-ton dump truck? Surely something as heavy and cumbersome as that has no right partaking in maneuvers usually reserved for lightweight rear-drive sports cars, right? Wrong, as one dump truck driver will demonstrate below.

The big yellow dirt transporter can be seen coming down a wet clay ramp then going into a righteous six-wheel drift before seamlessly backing into position to receive its payload from an excavator. Something tells us this isn't the first time the operator has flamboyantly slid dump trucks into place. I mean, if you can do this in a Cat 740 without putting a tire out of place, you have to be pretty well-practiced, right?

On top of the obvious style points, we gotta hand major props to this guy for efficiency, using the wet, slippery surface to his advantage. Turning lemons into lemonade and all that jazz. Not only would carefully making a U-turn and slowly backing the dump truck in have been a lot less video-worthy but would've also taken way more time. Time is money, people. Although, we suspect this worksite's local occupational health and safety agency won't be nearly as impressed as we are.

While we're on the subject of dump trucks, The Drive's own deputy news editor Caleb Jacobs recently acquired a 1966 Ford F600 dump truck and, for reasons beyond my comprehension, uses it as a daily driver. With the video above serving as inspiration, I think we just found the Ford's next stunt. 

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