The Ultimate Father’s Day Tools Gift Guide: Walmart, Amazon, Northern Tool, Advance Auto, and More

Show you care and celebrate Father’s Day with tools for every automotive enthusiast.

byCorrina Murdoch|
The Ultimate Father’s Day Tools Gift Guide: Walmart, Amazon, Northern Tool, Advance Auto, and More

Whether you're looking for the best Father's Day gift for an automotive enthusiast, a steadfast DIYer, or a certified mechanic, tools are always in high demand. Of course, it can be tricky to find that perfect still-needed present if you aren't into dad's hobbies yourself. 

The good news is that there's always room for a new tool. And to help you and those who aren't well-versed in tools out, The Drive's created a Father's Day tool gift guide that's as easy to follow as dad's turn-by-turn directions to the opposite coast... Nah, we're joking, this will be as easy to follow as Waze. 

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And good news! There's a suitable option for every budget and all types of home mechanics, as our Father's Day gift guide includes handy tools and innovative tech that's sure to show Dad you care. Ready to get Dad the tool he really wants for Father's Day? Welcome to The Drive's ultimate Father's Day Tool Gift Guide.

Garage Comfort and Convenience

Ever seen your dad working long hours in the shop, standing the entire time? The Shinn Z-Creeper Automotive Seat shows that you care and want your dad comfortable. This seat is a must-have in any workshop, lending access to all the nooks and crannies of a vehicle. It comes on wheels for quickly rolling around the garage. 

Named after its Z-shape, your dad can sit, take a knee, or disassemble the seat and use it to access the car’s underbelly. Able to support up to 300 pounds, this cushioned garage seat is durable and high-functioning. Easy to maneuver, thanks to the retractable pin, and changing settings takes no time at all. At three feet across, the steel frame is covered by vinyl material. As a durable and user-friendly product, if your dad doesn’t have a good shop seat, this makes the perfect gift.

Ideal for fathers passionate about their cars, the Custom Leathercraft Electrical Tool Carrier is a worthy gift. Chances are, your dad already has a whole host of tools, but if they aren’t organized or accessible, what good is that? 

This gift includes 43 pockets with multiple sections for drill bits, tape, and everything in between. Unlike many other tool-management options, this one is open—with a handle at the top and a shoulder strap, this accommodates all your dad’s supplies, so they are clear to see. It’s particularly useful when traveling from shop to shop (a handy thing to keep in mind if you need your dad to fix your car). Equipped with everything from a plastic compartment tray to all the pockets your dad could need, it’s an excellent pick for a Father’s Day gift.

No matter how many lights and windows are in your dad’s garage, there will always be those hard-to-see spots. That’s precisely where the Hanpure Magnetic Tool Pickup LED Light comes into play: it works as a flashlight, using LED tech for both effectiveness and lasting ability. 

The telescoping neck lets your dad maneuver the light over a full 360 degrees. Designed to track down fallen parts and missing screws, it clearly lights up darker areas. The magnetic reach pulls in the dropped parts easily, without causing scratches or damage. When extended, you can get almost two feet of reach, so no matter how far away something falls, your dad can grab it.

If your dad likes gadgets and equips his ride with everything from aftermarket navigation to Bluetooth, then the Highever Magnetic Wrist Belt Tool Belt is worth checking out. Priced for those on a budget, this wristband is designed to make it easy to keep track of small parts. Using comfortable material against the skin, it velcros together for a sturdy fit. 

The magnet is effective enough to hold onto most standard parts, provided they are magnetic metal: iron, nickel, and cobalt are all magnetic, meaning steel is as well. Your dad can use it effortlessly while working in the shop, never again holding a nail between the teeth in preparation. Cost-effective, durable, and innovative, this clever magnetic band is a fantastic gift option.

The Ironton Adjustable Swivel Stool makes sure that your dad can sit down on the job (in a good way). Made specifically for use in an auto shop, this stool features a tray at the base for tool storage. Adjusting the height with one hand, your dad can maneuver it over almost four inches. It’s able to support 300 pounds, so if your dad sets something heavy on it, there’s no concern. 

Using pneumatic controls, it remains durable over the long term. The padding at the top is meant to weather wear and tear while staying comfortable. Thanks to the material, it won’t take on oil or grease stains, and with a steel frame, it isn’t prone to dents either. The wheels and casters let your dad keep full mobility in the shop. 

Tools for the Car & Truck

Every auto enthusiast needs information on their car’s systems, which is what makes the Autel AutoLink Diagnostic Scanner Tool such a great Father’s Day gift. Meant for home mechanics, this tool plugs into the vehicle and (using a code) lets you know exactly what’s going on in the car. This scanner can track down the culprit, whether it’s a beep, a screech, or a sputter. 

Popular for both routine maintenance and check-engine-light panic, this scanner works on tons of popular vehicles. Compatible with standardized protocols found in most cars made after 1996, this scanner is well-calibrated and consistently accurate. Even boasting a patent on the one-click setup, the handheld device comes with speakers and a crisp display. Requiring no batteries to run, this diagnostic scanner keeps your dad in the know about his vehicle.

The Milton Industries Passenger Tire Tread Depth Gauge can help your dad keep an eye on tire quality. Instead of worrying about whether your father’s car is safe, this convenient depth gauge lets you know exactly when to change the tires. 

Much more precise than the standard penny-guessing method, this aluminum indicator is precisely calibrated. It measures up to one inch, moving in increments of 1/32-inches. It’s even easy to carry around and comes with a pocket clip for convenience. In addition, this tread depth gauge tells your dad when to rotate tires and change them altogether when appropriately used. 

Tire safety is two-fold: while one part is the tire tread, the other is tire pressure. To measure tire pressure, consider the Slime Chrome Pencil Tire Gauge and Valve Caps as a lighthearted gift. It works for literally any budget and offers your dad a lot of utility value. 

Every driver has lost a tire gauge before, so it never hurts to have a backup. This pressure gauge reads between 20 and 120 pounds per square inch. Suited for any type of tire, it also comes with valve caps to keep the stem safe. Ideal for traditionalists, it uses analog technology to get a precise result. Far superior to the kick test, this pencil tire gauge measures in kPa and bar as well. 

Tools for Travel

The tricky part of getting tools for your father is often finding the right size and fit. Thankfully, the Eversee Universal Socket Tool automatically adjusts to fit just about any tool's size or shape. It works by using a series of small cylinders inside of the main socket—these move around each other, fitting whichever part your dad is using and holding it tightly. 

Attaching to any standard drill, this socket makes it easy to switch tools during work. It comes with one adapter and one universal socket and works with anything between 1/4- and 3/4-inches, including screws, nuts, and bolts. 

Even with the best intentions and proper care, car batteries can die. Giving your father Simoniz Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables to add to the truck’s tool kit will prepare him for anything. A high-quality version of this essential safety tool, these jumper cables have lower resistance than most others, mainly due to the copper and aluminum wiring, ensuring the smooth flow of amperage. By guaranteeing the unencumbered flow of electricity, these jumper cables give that needed boost. 

At 20 feet long, it offers easy reach when connecting to another vehicle. Because they aren’t prone to tangles, these cables provide ample convenience. Color-coded to the industry standard—black cathode and red anode—these jumper cables can rejuvenate your dad’s tool kit.

Garage clutter can be almost impossible to avoid, especially if your dad does his own vehicle maintenance. That's why the DU-HA Underseat Storage Tool for Trucks is such a useful gift. Instead of adding to the clutter, it lets you use existing space in the truck to make tools more accessible. It fits beneath the back seat of the truck, integrating into the vehicle. 

When needed, though, it can store an impressive amount of tools: use it to hold everything from small handheld tools to a tire patch kit, separating them through dividing partitions. Installing easily, the set includes fasteners to hold it steadily. Since it's made to fit specific trucks, make sure you know the make and model of your dad's truck.  

Heavy-Duty Tools and Sets

If you’re looking to go all out for this Father’s Day, consider the Northern Tool Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist as a gift. Not only does it make a powerful addition to the garage, but it works in both a commercial and personal setting. The two-ton engine hoist includes leveling tech, meant to keep the load stable as it works. 

Able to accommodate up to 1,500 pounds, it touts an impressive lift range (reaching over 82 inches). The chain and hook are made to work with this exact machine, ensuring stability while your dad works. Made in ISO-certified locations, it is made using the same mechanical standards of the auto manufacturing sector. 

You can't change a tire without a jack, which is what makes the Blackline Low-Profile Professional Floor Jack such a worthy Father's Day gift. Like all other auto items, jacks lose their effectiveness over time. However, since the idea is not to get a flat, it's easy to forget to check on the jack. 

This model can lift up to 7,000 pounds and meets all professional standards for efficiency and security. A lifting range between 3 1/2 and 21 3/8-inches makes everything from quick repairs to preventative maintenance easy. Featuring a two-stage rise, it is simple to maneuver. The handle is long enough to lend effective leverage, eliminating strain in the shoulder when jacking up the car. 

If you’re still making up for that time you dented your dad’s car in high school, the Klutch Pneumatic Dent Puller is a perfect choice. As a handy paintless dent removal tool, it works using a three-pound sliding hammer and powerful suction. 

Coming with three pads—one each at three, four, and six inches—your dad can use this tool to address relatively large dents to restore his car’s body with ease. This gift lets your dad connect the puller to an air compressor and pop that dent back into place. It doesn’t damage the paint and can seriously improve the car’s exterior.

It doesn’t do much good to know that you have low tire pressure if you can’t fix it. That’s why the Great Working Tools Portable Air Compressor is such a fantastic Father’s Day present. Plugging into the 12-volt DC outlet in any vehicle, the compressor works to inflate just about anything. Coming with a convenient adapter, your dad can use this compressor for everything from an air mattress to truck tires. Since it relies on the vehicle’s battery, there is no need for an external power source. Able to get up to 150 pounds per square inch in pressure, this compressor can handle even heavy-duty jobs. Featuring an LED light for tire repair at night, it comes with a nine-foot cord for optimal reach.

Tool Sets Every Garage Needs

One truth about tools is that, eventually, they wear out. Thankfully, that’s what makes the Workpro Mechanic’s Tool Set such a terrific Father’s Day gift. This set comes with 145 pieces, working as both a 1/4- and 3/8-inch drive socket. The most common in automotive applications, the complete set includes everything your dad needs for standard maintenance. The set features 16 hex key wrenches, dozens of sockets, and 14 nut driver bits. With two adapters, 58 screwdriver bits, and a magnetic holder, all these versatile parts come together in one polymer case.

Can’t quite put your finger on the perfect tool yet? The Hart Multiple Drive Mechanics Tool Set is an ideal solution for Father’s Day. Coming with 215 pieces, this set comes in a convenient case, equipped with two pull-out drawers. The lid pops up to reveal even more tools. 

Complete with a 90-tooth ratchet, this model offers a high rate of efficiency through its good grip. With sockets to address any possible automotive need, this set covers all your bases. With measurements in both imperial and metric, it’s user-friendly for any father out there.

Any home mechanic who does their own oil changes can benefit from the Dirautos Master Disconnecting Tool Kit. The set comes with 22 pieces and includes a pair of durable gloves. Made to disconnect auto fluid lines, this set works on a whole host of vehicles.  

It comes in a convenient carrying case and features connector couplings and other attachment hardware. Each of the items is color-coded to indicate the specific line on which it works—this way, you aren’t disconnecting a fuel line with a brake overhaul. Made out of durable aluminum, these tools aren’t prone to rust or heat damage.