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Retro Fairlady Badge Looks Perfect on the 2023 Nissan Z

Someone slap this on a U.S.-market car stat.

The 2023 Nissan Z is almost here, and although it’s pretty similar to the old car underneath, it’s still a worthy successor to the 370Z. Powered by a 400-horsepower, twin-turbocharged V6 that’s backed up by a six-speed manual, it’s undeniably exciting. We’ve seen it launch and taken a peek at its sweet blue interior, but one thing we haven’t seen is its classic JDM badging. That changes now.

Those enthusiastic about Nissan’s Z cars will know that across the pond in Japan, the popular coupe has historically been called the Fairlady Z. Stateside, some owners like to affix this badging to their own cars. It’s been speculated the name would live on with the 2023 model, and this spotting courtesy of the New Nissan Z forum seemingly confirms it.

New Nissan Z Forums

The picture of the gunmetal sports car on a flatbed was posted to the New Nissan Z forums Thursday, and since then it’s generated some buzz on account of its spoiler-mounted badging. The right-hand side of the duckbill is definitely a good place to put it, and down low is a good angle to take pictures of the new Z. The car’s 300ZX-inspired rear end is obscured a little bit in this shot, however, and it’s definitely worth enjoying in all its glory.

Users on the forum are already speculating on how they might be able to get the badging stateside. To be honest, though, if somebody in California can source enough OEM parts to build a legit Skyline, getting this badge is definitely in the realm of possibility. Expect to see some rebadging going on when the car arrives at dealerships sometime in the new year.

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