Nissan’s Heritage Parts Program to Begin Producing R33 and R34 GT-R Parts Once Again

These new parts will be in addition to the R32 parts that are already in production.

byRahul Raman|
Nissan News photo

Maintaining old cars and sourcing parts for them can get quite frustrating and expensive in some situations. Thankfully, Nissan's Nismo Heritage Parts program will begin manufacturing components for the R33 and R34 GT-R in addition to the ones already in production for the fan-favorite R32.

According to Nissan, the new parts in the program consist of powertrain, exterior, electrical and various mechanical components oftentimes needed like power window switches and weather stripping. And although Nissan didn't release more specifics, it's safe to assume that many loyalists around the world will be thrilled about this.

Almost two years ago, Nissan motors in association with Nissan Motorsports International and Autech Japan announced that they would start remanufacturing brand new parts for the R32 GT-R via its Nismo Heritage Parts program. When the program was initially launched, it began by remanufacturing 80 hard-to-find parts for the R32 GT-R.

As of now, the Nismo Heritage Parts program includes 160 parts in total for the three generations of Godzilla. However, Nissan is not ruling out the possibility of expanding the number of parts offered in the future.

While this is good news for GT-R owners in Asia and Europe, this announcement also benefits GT-R owners in North America as well. As early versions of the R33 cross the 15 and 25-year limit in Canada and the United States and certain versions of the R34 GT-R are now legally allowed to enter the U.S., having the ability to source brand new parts from the manufacturer will definitely reduce the cost of maintaining older vehicles.

As vehicles get older, manufacturers stop producing certain parts, thus forcing owners to spend countless hours on second-hand parts sites, manufacturer and model specific forums, auction sites, or even eBay. However, if some parts are really hard to find or are not readily available in certain markets, then the owners might even be forced to sourcing a donor vehicle in order to keep their pride and joy humming down the highway.