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2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 VIN 001 Commands $3.6 Million in Charity Auction

The 670-hp 'Vette was sold to support Operation Homefront and will likely be parked for life.

The new 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 is a beast. Equipped with the most powerful naturally aspirated eight-cylinder engine ever fitted to a production car, its 5.5-liter flat-plane crank V8 produces 670 horsepower and can rev up to 8,600 rpm. Obviously, the first Z06 off the assembly line was bound to be a hot commodity, and now we know exactly how hot. Over the weekend, Chevy Corvette Z06 VIN 001 sold at auction for an eye-watering $3.6 million.

If you think that’s an absolutely crazy figure, it’s because it is. However, it’s all for a good cause. The car crossed the block at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction in Arizona, and all of the proceeds from the sale are going to Operation Homefront, a charity set up to support military families. The multi-million dollar figure is the highest sale price ever recorded for a car donated by an auto manufacturer in a charity auction. 

The C8 Z06 was purchased by none other than Rick Hendrick—again—who is the owner of the Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR team and a car dealership magnate. The unit he purchased is yet to actually be built, but it’ll be the special 70th-anniversary car, which features trim-specific wheels and interior trim, making it a hair more special than a regular Z06.

Hendrick has over 200 cars in his personal collection, 120 of which are Corvettes ranging from the C1 to C8 generations, and many of them are VIN 001s. Back in 2019, he dropped nearly a million dollars on a C7 ZR1, only to pay $3 million for the first C8 Corvette Stingray in 2020. Add this new Z06 for $3.6 million, and Mr. Hendrick has spent quite a bit of cash on new Corvettes alone in just three years.

According to a press release from the automaker, Chevy’s latest donation to Operation Homefront is just the latest in its ongoing support for the organization. It says it’s donated several trucks in the past to support the group, as well as other financial donations.

“The proceeds from the sale of this sensational Corvette Z06 will go a long way to helping us help our military families overcome their financial hardships and have the opportunity to thrive in the communities—our communities—they’ve worked so hard to protect,” said John I. Pray Jr., president and CEO of Operation Homefront.

As far as what Hendrick plans to do with the ‘Vette, that’s unclear. More likely than not, it will be subject to one short drive and then probably spend the rest of its life on a trickle charger. He once famously said that he’ll likely never drive any of these cars, so there ya go. At least he doesn’t keep his intentions a secret.

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