Every Sub-$80K Chevrolet Corvette C8 Loses Money for General Motors: Report

That means a $20,000 blow on base model 2020 ‘Vettes.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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As we know, General Motors had to pull a few strings in order to start pricing the mid-engined 2020 Chevy Corvette at $60,000. The exotic-like sportscar is more advanced than ever and boasts a drastically different layout than any of its ancestors, but it only costs about $4,000 more than the C7 generation it replaces. This comes thanks to smart planning on GM's part, like dropping the beloved but oft-forgotten manual transmission.

That said, it apparently hasn't come cheap for the automaker who reportedly loses money on every Corvette C8 sold under $80,000.

Motor Trend published an article on Friday citing a "senior source" at GM, who explained there's quite the deficit between a base 'Vette and one that makes money for the General. In order to maintain its target market, Chevrolet is said to be absorbing the extra cost it spent developing the new C8 while hoping that customers opt for higher-end examples when they visit showrooms. For reference, a Z51-equipped example quickly climbs up the price ladder, as does one that's fitted with Chevy's upper-tier styling and interior accessories.

Spring for the C8 Stingray Z51 3LT and you're looking at a near-$90,000 domestic supercar.

Chevrolet already said the sub-$60K base Corvette won't last beyond the 2020 model year, and if enthusiasts ever convince the company to build a manual transmission option, there'll be an even steeper hike. As time passes, other high-performance variants will surface and help bring up the model's bottom line, especially if they pack all-wheel-drive and hybrid tech as rumored.

The most expensive previous-gen Corvette, the C7 ZR1, clocked in around $121,000; expect a sharp increase from that price point at the range's top end. In the meantime, GM will continue to be the go-fast-friendly good guy and cut you a deal on the best bang-for-buck player in American performance.

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