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These Might Be the Chevrolet C8 Corvette Z06’s Carbon Wheels

The "OEM Validation/Test Wheels" were found on eBay.

While Chevrolet has dumped the chrome wheel option for the C8 Corvette, it looks like the mid-engined machine may be getting a carbon fiber wheel option sooner or later. Spotted listed “as sold” on eBay for $4,500 is a set of staggered carbon wheels that the seller, Certified Factory Wheel Inc., describes as “2020 Corvette C8 Carbon Revolution 20/21″ Factory Original OEM Wheels Rims Set.” 

From the eBay ad: This auction is for ONE staggered set of C8 Corvette carbon fiber wheels.  These are General Motors OEM test/validation wheels in excellent condition, with minimal handling marks/blemishes.

Taking a quick peek at Chevy’s online Corvette configurator reveals that the simple five-spoke design doesn’t show up as an official option, leading us to believe that these could be a future addition to the catalog or belong to a not-yet-unveiled variant.

The posting also includes pictures of labels from both GM and an Australia-based company called Carbon Revolution, the same firm that supplied the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R with its carbon shoes. 

If these are real, it’s tempting to assume them to be the wheels that’ll eventually come on the upcoming Corvette Z06 but nothing in the ad actually specifies this to be the case. For all we know, they could be a pricey, future option that’ll be available on the regular Stingray. Fancy stuff in relation to the base ‘Vette’s $60,000 starting price, sure, but then again, punching well above its price range has always been the Corvette’s modus operandi. Also, that aforementioned Shelby starts at around $73,000. A 3LT C8 equipped with the Z51 Performance package will set you back almost $77,000.

Anyhow, there’s also the possibility that these wheels are just one big hoax and the actual Z06 will get wheels made from Lamborghini-style chopped carbon laced with pixie dust. 

When we reached out to GM, a company spokesperson refused to comment. Carbon Revolution also replied to our inquiry but said it could not confirm or deny what vehicle these wheels belong to.

h/t: Carbuzz

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