Let’s Check on 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Classified Price Markups

$150,000? Sounds about right.

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The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 is a hard vehicle to come by right now—first the General Motors strike, then the global health crisis caused major production delays. About 2,700 have been built so far, with the lines at Bowling Green back up and running as of last week. For now. Still, a few lucky recipients of that first wave of cars are trying to capitalize on its current scarcity with some good ol' fashioned classified ad price gouging. Let's check in on the market.

One important note: though early reports indicated the C8's 2020 model year might just end with those 2,700, automatically making it one of the rarest Corvettes, Chevrolet is committed to making the full 20,000 cars it intended all along, Autoblog reported yesterday. So sellers, good luck with all this.

How does $150,000 sound?

Looks to me like the buyer of this Corvette just sort of checked every option when he ordered it. It's the most expensive Corvette currently for sale online at $150,000—and with the top factory sticker for the 2020 C8 sitting just above $100,000, that's a $50,000 markup right there. Like many others on this list, the car is white. It comes equipped with several aesthetic options—most of the aesthetic options offered might be a more accurate statement—including about $1,200 worth of black stripes. It also has the 3LT and Z71 packages.

Out back it has a red engine cover and the engine appearance package to highlight this fact. The engine appearance package includes some carbon fiber panels, and LEDs in the engine bay so the cover atop the 6.2-liter, 495 horsepower V8 is more visible. It's a $1,000 option.

The owner of this machine seems pretty ambivalent about selling it, saying "maybe I just keep it and fly" which probably explains the high price. At just 125 miles, it's not the lowest mileage used C8 for sale, but it is the most expensive. 

Too rich? Try $135,000

At $15,000 less than the first car, this C8 is the second most expensive 2020 Corvette for sale online. It's also white, but unlike several other cars on this list, the seller went with the Napa leather interior. Brave.

The seller gives very little information about the car besides its 3LT package but judging by the rear wing, it's also a Z71 car. Unlike the others, this Corvette's well past delivery mileage with 2,100 miles on the clock. But the good news is that figure puts it past the engine break-in period. The bad news is it's still $135,000.

It doesn't appear to have a ton of options, which makes the high price a bit more unusual. Perhaps the owner is not the first person to flip this car. Either way, it's there if you want it.

A Few Craigslist Offerings

The most expensive of the three C8 Corvettes we found on Craigslist is in the San Francisco area. At $125,000, you would be paying more than twice the $59,000 cost of a base C8 to get your hands on this thing. The seller states the original MSRP of the car was $96,000⁠—that's due to the 3LT package and slew of other options.

The ad states the car has only had 1 owner, and the odometer reads just 145 miles. They also say the car has been "pampered", and the title is clean. That's good⁠—it would be horrible if somebody crashed into it the first day they had it. 

Our Second Craigslist Contender

Overpriced Corvette number two is...almost exactly the same spec as the first one. It's white, it has the same carbon fiber ground effects package, and it's also a 3LT car. I suppose the sort of people that want to make money flipping Corvettes on Craigslist have similar boring tastes. The biggest difference is the price: $118,500.

This Corvette's listing is also very short, just like the first one. The ad says this C8 has the Z51 performance package, which slips the 0-60 time just under 3 seconds—it's unclear if the other Craigslist car had that. It also has only 257 miles and is located outside of Fort Lauderdale. You know this thing is as new as the owner says because it still has the break-in period's lowered redline of just 4,500 rpm.

White C8 No.5

Yes, all of these cars are the same color white. I don't get it. You're buying a brand new Corvette and you go for white? It's the most supercar-like Corvette ever and you get it in white. There are seven other colors you can get free of charge!

Let's just move on. This third car is the cheapest on Craigslist at just $109,900, and unlike the other two, it's only a 2LT. Although it has a Z51 rear wing, it also has no Z51 package, so you'll have to deal with a zero-to-sixty time over three seconds. 

Located in Forked River, New Jersey (down by the shore) this buyer is clearly serious about selling this car. They're also defensive about their decision to do so, saying, "YES! This is MORE than MSRP." and, "YES! It costs money to be the first one on the block with the new toy." I mean, it didn't cost him any extra money, but I digress.

The mileage is currently at around 200, but the seller states he's trying to get the car up to 500 miles to break it in completely and unlock the normal 6500 RPM redline. They're also willing to ship it worldwide, as long as the buyer pays for it. So what they really mean is, we can ship the car after we buy it. Nice. 

While all of these cars are overpriced, they are a few of your options if you just cannot live without a new Corvette any longer. If I were you? I would just wait. Production is starting back up in Bowling Green, and sooner or later brand new cars will start rolling off the line. If you wait to order one, you can also get it in a color besides white. Maybe go crazy and get black, or something.

Correction: Tuesday, June 2, 6:50 pm ET: A previous version of this story stated that Corvette production had been restarted in Detroit. Corvettes are made in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The Drive regrets the error.

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