Sweet Mother of God, the 2016 Chevy COPO Camaro…

The video evidence you’ve been waiting to see.

byMax Prince|
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This is not a car. It is GM part number 20169562, one of just 69 in existence. The package, and its guts, are decidedly old school. Built three-speed Turbo 400 trans. Solid rear axle. Oil drum rear slicks and a rollcage, too, because you’ll need those to compete in NHRA Stock and Super Stock Eliminator classes. There are three engines available: a supercharged 350cid and Corvette-based 376 stroker, plus an all-motor 427 LSX. No, this is not a car. It is thenew COPO, a pile of aluminum and testosterone and bare knuckle fisticuffs that somewhat resembles a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. It has side-exit exhausts and a parachute. It does wheelies.

Recently, we learned more than5,500 people tried to order a COPO. The first example wasauctioned at Barrett-Jackson in January for $300,000. Now we know why. Watch the video below. If you’re not immediately awash in both burning desire and abject terror, you’re either a sociopath or fascist or possibly both. Listen to that noise, and tell me it’s not a good day to be alive in America. I dare you.

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