A New York Dealer Is Selling a Chevy Camaro Z/28 for $39,900

Say hello to the biggest performance bang for your buck on the market.

byJames Gilboy|

Its 7:37.4 around the Nurburgring may have been beaten by later iterations of the Camaro, notably 2018's ZL1 with its 7:16, but the old Z/28 is nothing to shake a stick at. For that reason, the Z/28 advertised by Healey Ford in Goshen, New York (tipoff from GM Authority) is the performance steal of the century. It's a 2015 Z/28 with a mere 2,700 miles on the clock, all for $39,900. 

When it occupied the showroom floor, the fifth generation 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 demanded a price tag of $75,000, encroaching on the territory of the Corvette Z06 of the same model year, at $78,995. Most would rather have the Corvette and its associated prestige when they invest that much money in a Chevrolet, but Camaro hardliners and track day enthusiasts would elect to take home the Camaro instead. Its 7.0 liter V8 and tires wider than the Potomac make it a monster on track and street.

Though the faster ZL1 variant of the current Camaro is on the market, its retail price in its most concentrated form, the ZL1 1LE Extreme Track Package, is within keep-the-change distance of $70,000. Buyers need only examine the gap between the Z/28 above and the aforementioned shot of ZL1 distillate—standing at $30,095 and 21 seconds around the Nurburgring—to make up their mind over which to buy.

Of course, one could always wait for the Camaro that lead engineer Al Oppenheiser dreams of using to smash the seven-minute barrier at the Nurburgring. A new Z/28, perhaps? General Motors hasn't said a peep about another Z/28, and we doubt their lips will crack just because we pestered them about it today. Oh well. There's still the Z/28 seen above. This Z/28 was acquired by the dealer via trade-in, though Healey Ford declined to disclose the vehicle for which this Z/28 was surrendered.