2,740 HP Is Almost Enough to Lift This LS-Swapped Classic Chevy Camaro Off the Dyno

That’s at the wheels, mind you.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Builds photo

In case you hadn't noticed, purpose-built drag cars just keep getting quicker. While Chevy Camaros of yore blew the socks off everyone some 50 years ago with 11-second quarter-mile passes, they're now digging deep into the single-digit range. This classic Camaro with a power plant built by Borowski Race Engines will undoubtedly find itself in that company once it finally hits the track, but for now, we're good with watching it try to fly away from a dyno pull

That's what 2,740 horsepower at the wheels will do for you.

There's no 350 small-block to be found here, and no superchargers, either. Instead, this Camaro is propelled by a 427-cubic-inch LSx with a water-jacketed Dart LS Next2 block and All Pro heads. Supplying the boost are two 83-millimeter Bullseye Power turbos, helping the fully built engine take in as much air as needed for high-speed pulls. The video's description explains the ultra-powerful run was performed with "only" 44 pounds of boost and 13 degrees of timing, but there's nothing underwhelming about it.

Other details about the build are scarce, though it made its rounds when posted to The Pro Street Era group on Facebook. 

First, you hear the pair of turbos spool up angrily, snarling through the race-spec quad exhaust system. Then, it's a full-on rush of power that makes the rear-end light up instantly. The whole car starts to levitate, or so it seems, showing just how eager the Chevy is to pounce off the line. Or, in this case, the dyno.

It's easy to ogle over a build on paper through a computer screen, but there's no second-guessing that this Camaro will be massively quick in the real world. If it's anything like the other record-breaking drag cars we've seen lately, we can't wait to see it make its first pass, and hopefully many more after that.

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