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Formula Drift Driver Alec Hohnadell Thrashes His Z06

You can take the driver out of the drift car, but not the drift out of the driver.

You never know who is going to show up in an episode of Hoonigan’s series Daily Transmission. Today’s episode featured Formula Drift driver Alec Hohnadell

Hohnadell previously visited Hoonigan’s Donut Garage early on in the series for episode 19. Back in episode 19, he brought his Nissan 240sx Formula Drift Car. He went over the car, then ripped burnouts, donuts, and figure eights in his drift car as Hoonigan guests are known to do, but today he came with something else: a Chevrolet C7 Corvette Z06. 

The supercharged LT4 V8 powered Chevy Z06 is his own personal daily driver with the warranty that he loves still included. The video starts with Hohnadell hanging out in the Donut Garage’s garage were the Z06 was being fitted with used tires. The beast has 335 wide rubber on 20-inch wheels. The Hoonigan guys joke with Hohnadell and poke fun at him, because he apparently drove the his Z06 into the Hoonigan’s fence. Sadly, there was no footage of it, but you can see the damage on the hood. Hey, we all have a lapse moment in cars. I think we can forgive.

Eventually, the tires were mounted and it was time for fun. Initially, peer pressured to do figure eights in the Hoonigan’s yard, they all realized that the car is too big for the usual figure-eight madness. Not sure peer pressure can be described as the “do a burnout or donut” conversation anymore, at this point. You know what you are there for. Hohnadell does not disappoint, he lays some smokey burnouts and man donuts. 

It is good to see a Z06 treated as it should be, not babied on the way to Cars & Coffee. As Hohnadell says “whole lot of ‘Murica” in his Z06. 

Enjoy out the video below for the tire-shredding glory.