Bring in the New Year with an 18 Vehicle Burnout Spectacular

Hoonigan’s way of celebrating is far better than watching the ball drop.

byDanny Korecki|
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​​​​As car enthusiasts, we normally set goals for the new year. Start a new project car, finish a project car, attend more track days in the coming year, or something of the sort. Whatever your New Year's resolution is, it’s safe to assume that you spent the holiday hanging with friends and family, which isn’t exactly how our friends at Hoonigan spent it. Hoonigan organized an 18 vehicle burnout at its headquarters, the Donut Garage, for the most recent episode of Daily Transmission.

Organizing an 18 vehicle burnout is not as easy as it sounds. The Hoonigan crew normally throws water down to make burnouts easier, but in this case, they decided to chock some of the wheels. With 18 sets of wheels creating tire smoke, they didn’t want anybody to drive into someone else’s car. Along with the safety issue, they had a fleet of fire extinguishers and, during the Hoonigan drivers’ meeting, they did a roll call of which cars were most likely to catch fire and made sure those had fire extinguishers in the passenger seat. 

Hoonigan | YouTube

The participating 18 vehicles:

  • Can-Am
  • Dodge Hotrod
  • BMW 135i (subbed out for a Yellow Chevrolet Express Van)
  • S14 240SX
  • Mustang GT
  • Datsun 240Z (Larry Chen's)
  • Camaro SS
  • Chevy Prerunner (Kibbetech) 
  • '68 Camaro
  • FB RX-7
  • Rat Rod
  • S13 240SX
  • E46 M3 (Hoonigan Vinny Anatra's) 
  • Deathproof Nova
  • Shartkart (Hoonigan's modified Mazda Miata) 
  • TwerkStallion (Hoonigan Hertrech Eugene Jr.'s drift car)
  • Sh!tcar (Hoonigan's cult followed BMW garage special)
  • Napalm Nova (Hoonigan Co-Founder Brian Scotto's) 

The BMW 135i had to be subbed out, because no wheel chock engineering could keep the car stationary while attempting burnouts. They subbed in what Larry Chen called the "Free Candy van", a yellow Chevrolet Express. Chen happened to break his one-off Datsun 240Z build while attempting the burnouts; it was featured in a previous Daily Transmission episode that we covered. In fact, many of the cars are significant. Others were featured on Daily Transmission episodes such as the Kibbetech Chevy Prerunner which came in at #4 on my Best of Daily Transmission list. There are even a few that you can even drive in a video game such as the TwerkStallion and the Napalm Nova in Forza Motorsport 7 via the Hoonigan Car Pack.

The video is great not only because of the 18 vehicle burnout, but you also get to see the planning and organizing of what it takes to make it happen. Check out Hoonigan's tire-shredding spectacular New Year's video below.