Ken Block Rips Donuts and Burnouts in a MK2 Ford Escort

Somehow finding time between all the internet content he is currently releasing, Block stops by the Donut Garage.

byDanny Korecki|
Ken Block Rips Donuts and Burnouts in a MK2 Ford Escort

Hoonigan is known for race car drivers and automotive celebrities stopping by their shop, the Donut Garage, to do fun stuff in cars, but it is not every day Ken Block stops by in one of his toys. Block recently brought his 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A rally car to the Donut Garage. That car had a license plate and was street legal, this time he brought his 1978 Ford Escort MK2 to Hoonigan to play around in for Hoonigan's series Daily Transmission.

The video starts with a cameo appearance by famous car photographer Larry Chen. Chen previously dropped by the Donut Garage in his personal car —a SR20 powered Datsun 240z. Eventually, Hoonigan Co-Founder Brian Scotto goes to find Block to guilt him into doing fun stuff in his car. Block talks about some of his Hoonicorn and Climbkhana experiences with Hertrech Eugene, who goes by "Hert," who got a high five from Block for editing some of the test footage we reported last month

Block then gives an overview of his MK2 Ford Escort. The car was never sold in the United States. Block says his first time experiencing a MK2 Ford Escort rally car was for a Colin McRae memorial rally event. Block by his own admission said that he sucked at driving it, but had to get better at it because it was his dream rally car. He went on to create the car he brought with him today. The car has been previously seen in some Hoonigan footage such as when they called on Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck to have the first go in the car

Blocks car has a Rocket Bunny body kit, a sequential gearbox, and a priceless four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. The engine is priceless because it was originally built for the Colin McRae R4 car. The R4 was to be used in rallying as well as a potential spec racing series. Brian Scotto says that there is apparently a McRae serial number somewhere hidden on the engine—priceless. 

Eventually, under the little to no needed peer pressure you can expect in a Hoonigan video, Block hops into the Ford Escort to rip some load 9000 rpm screaming donuts and burnouts. He even lit the ground on fire. 

Check out Hoonigans video below.