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Check Out This Street-Driven 9-Second Subaru STI

850 horsepower, nine-second times, and it's a Subaru.

Hoonigan rebooted its Daily Transmission series a month ago. Every Thursday is Hoonigan’s new series Build Biology where Hoonigan Shop Foreman Dan Sommer goes over every nook and cranny of enthusiast cars, race cars, or just anything cool that comes by the shop. 

For the most recent episode, enthusiast and drag strip frequent visitor Anthony Hinojosa stops by Hoonigan’s Donut Garage to show off his 2007 street driven, nine-second Subaru STI.

Hinojosa has long term goals to get to eight seconds, but first the car has to pass spec and he has to get his NHRA license. His STI has 850 horsepower bringing it to those nine-second times and because of how quick the car is he rolls around with parachutes even when he drives around in the streets. And, because of the car’s speed at the dragstrip, Hinojosa pokes fun at the R35 Nissan GT-R with his “R35 LOL” California plate. 

The STI did’t start life as a drag car. When Hinojosa first obtained the car it was a stanced car (he still has the coilovers that he stanced the car with on the car), he simply adjusted them for drag car duty. In Hoonigan’s Build Biology video, he mentions some long term plans for the car such as editing the car to have a flat bottom underneath and possibly a flat trunk spoiler for more aerodynamics at the dragstrip. 

For more details on Hinojosa’s car, check out Hoonigan’s newest episode of Build Biology “Street Driven 9 Second 850hp Subaru STI” below.