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Shelby Cobras Find Bad Luck at Hoonigan

Hoonigan 2, Cobras 0.

Hoonigan is known for bringing race car drivers, automotive celebrities, and even normal people with cool cars by its garage for its YouTube series Daily Transmission. There have been a few oops moments, including an Alfa Romeo shattering its oil pan, but a particular car appears to be having a string of bad luck: The Shelby Cobra. 

A few weeks ago, Mark Gearhart brought by a customized Factory 5 Cobra build. The build featured a 5.1-liter Coyote V8 engine putting down 538 horsepower to the wheels while weighing only 2,400 pounds due to all the carbon fiber bits. Like most Daily Transmission episodes, Gearhart took the Hoonigan crew around his car showing all the details, then came time for some fun. He attempted a burnout up on Hoonigan’s loading dock, but his driveshaft shattered.

Hoonigan | YouTube

For the most recent episode of Daily Transmission, Vlado Jancev of V’s Performance brings “The Drift Cobra.” Same as Gearhart’s Cobra build, this Cobra build gets its power from a Ford Coyote engine, though it gets a bit more. V’s Performance Coyote V8 engine with help from its 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger on 20 pounds of boost along with a nitrous oxide kit puts out 1,000 horsepower. Jancev calls upon Pro Am drifter Pablo Cabrera to do some donuts. 

Cabrera was hesitant, but Jancev told him, “Hey bro, just break it. We can always fix it.” Famous last words? I won’t spoil what happens to the Cobra, but luckily they had Cabrera’s 700-horsepower drift car on the trailer to fall back on.

Check out Hoonigan’s recent episode of Daily Transmission below.