Ford’s V10 Shelby Cobra Concept Heading to Auction

The 2004 concept car updated the classic Cobra design for the early aughts.

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The Shelby Cobra is a legendary thing, the brainchild of automotive legend Carroll Shelby. It came about by stuffing powerful Ford V8 engines in a chassis developed from the British AC Ace. These days, the Cobra is one of the most popular kit cars to replicate, as original examples trade for huge sums on the second-hand market. Of course, there is one particularly unique Cobra that stands alone—the Shelby Cobra Concept built by Ford in 2004, which is heading to Mecum Auctions at Monterey Car Week in August, according to CarScoops.

The one-off build was originally codenamed "Daisy" and sports a 6.4-liter V10 engine. It's a seriously high-end all-aluminum motor, with double overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, and dry-sump lubrication. Redline is at 7,500 rpm, and the engine was developed from similar technologies used in the contemporary Ford Modular engine family according to DrivingEnthusiast. The result is 605 horsepower sent to the rear wheels through the same six-speed transaxle as was used in the Ford GT. 

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It was the decision to use the rear-mounted transmission that sparked the team to draw more inspiration from the Ford GT; the choice was originally made to maximize the legroom available to driver and passenger. The car is currently owned by former Ford Vice President of Product Development, Chris Theodore, who stated in a press release at the time that "The project took on a new sense of purpose when we really started leveraging the Ford GT engineering." Theodore purchased the car a few years back for the princely sum of $825,000.

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In this vein, the Shelby Cobra Concept draws heavily from the GT in its rear structure, relying on a similar design for its suspension as well as major parts of the space frame structure. The steering rack itself is directly borrowed from the mid-engined supercar, as well as the giant Brembo brakes. 

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The fit and finish of the car appears to be top notch. The interior in particular is a tour de force, looking more like some kind of fashionable art deco spaceship than a high-powered roadster. There's plenty of billet aluminum on show, with a custom steering wheel, chunky toggle switches, and bespoke gauges doing a lot to create an undeniably cool aesthetic.

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Of course, we couldn't let you go without hearing the roar from that mighty V10 engine. Worry not, for there's a video on Youtube that delivers just that.

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The car itself is fully functional, titled, and road registered, so there's nothing stopping you from buying the car and running it as a daily. The power-operated front hood opener will also let you show off in the carpark with ease, though the lack of any convertible top will mean you'll get a soaking if it happens to rain. Note, however, that the auction listing comes with no price estimate, so expect this one to sell for rather a lot of money. If that's too much, there are always other ways to get into a rare Ford V10.

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