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Carroll Shelby’s Private Collection of Automobiles Heads to Auction

Nearly a century of automotive history is represented through Carroll Shelby's 20 personal vehicles.

Throughout his 89 years of life, Carroll Shelby collected many vehicles that he developed, worked on, or simply had a crush on. Some of them he eventually sold for personal gain, charitable causes, or to make room for more toys. But some, some he cherished and kept as part of his own personal collection.

The latter is now headed to the Bonhams Greenwich Concours d’Elegance auction, which will take place in Greenwich, Connecticut on June 3. The online listing for this specific lot doesn’t offer many details or photos, as full auction catalogs typically don’t go live until four to five weeks before the event. It’s not extremely clear what models make up the lot of twenty vehicles, but the ad does mention a handful of special machines.

A 1927 Ford Model T, 2008 Shelby GT500KR, Dodge Charger GSLH, Shelby Dakota, DeTomaso Pantera, and two Shelby Cobras appear to be included in what appears to be a lot 20 vehicles. The ad does mention the inclusion of the very first sample of the Series 1 supercar. The ad fails to mention if all the vehicles will be offered as one lot, or they will be split up into individual listings. While it will most likely be split up, it’s not rare for personal collections to be offered as a group.

To imagine that Carroll Shelby, a chicken farmer from a small town near Dallas, Texas, managed to change the landscape of the automotive industry and motor racing world through his character and imagination is simply mindblowing. Now deep-pocketed bidders can bring home a hefty piece of the legend that still is Carroll Shelby.