Watch What Happens When Hoonigan Goes to SEMA

The Hoonigan crew tackles the wildest automotive show showcasing one of a kind builds, celebrity cameos, and more.

byDanny Korecki|
Watch What Happens When Hoonigan Goes to SEMA

For normal episodes of Hoonigan's series Daily Transmission they have a self-imposed rule that they cannot leave the Donut Garage's parking lot, but they added Daily Transmission Tangents, which allow them to show behind the scenes footage, have chats on their couch, or take mini field trips that are not part of their Field Trip series. Today Hoonigan released a Daily Transmission Tangents video featuring Hoonigan's trip to SEMA and the fun they had when they got there.

Normally, with Daily Transmission episodes you are getting around 20 minutes of content max, but the SEMA feature is pushing over an hour long. The video begins with Hoonigan co-founder Brian Scotto leaving the Donut Garage to road trip to SEMA. Long road trip you would think he would take something big and comfortable —nope. He took his Porsche 911 Rauh-Welt BEGRIFF build. The car is one of the first two RWB builds built by Nakai-san in the United States. 

Along for the road trip was famed photographer Larry Chen, of course he pointed his camera to take pictures of the road tripping SEMA bound RWB.

The feature is jam-packed with montages of the show car floors and throughout the video, the Hoonigan crew each picked their favorite rides at the show.

A lot of big named automotive celebrities pop up in the video such as Mike Finnegan of Roadkill fame who said: "there's far too many bluetooth driveshafts and not nearly enough zip ties." The Hoonigan guys also find Rutledge Wood of the now-ended Top Gear USA and a NASCAR correspondent. Wood built a Mustang charity off road build which he states he got a lot of hate for from the Mustang community. Brian Scotto gives Wood some comforting words because when Hoonigan built the Hoonicorn originally they received a lot of hate for that as well. 

Lucky Costa of Hot Rod Garage and Charles Cimino of the Discovery Channel show Fast N' Loud round out some of the celebrity cameos. 

Hoonigan's cars were also SEMA show cars. We previously covered their Forza Ute build and the road to get it to SEMA, but their internet-famous SH!T car was getting lots of love at the show as well.

Check out Hoonigan's SEMA feature video below for more behind the scenes of SEMA as well as scooter racing, Baja 1000 qualifying, and more.