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See What It Takes to Get the Forza Ute to SEMA

From video game to real life, see the time crunch Hoonigan goes through to get their Ute to SEMA.

Early last month, Forza Motorsport 7 was released for Xbox One. Along with Forza Motorsport 7‘s release, Turn 10 Studios, the makers of Forza Motorsport, and Hoonigan released the Hoonigan Car Pack. 

The car pack, released for prior title Forza Horizon 3 with alternate cars, featured the Hoonicorn V2, a Porsche 911 RWB, among other Hoonigan employee cars. For Forza Motorsport 7, Hoonigan started a Holden Ute project build and that completed car is part of the car pack. They need to catch up to the video game and complete the car for SEMA.

Back in early September, we showed what the Hoonigan guys were up to with their Ute build on an episode of Hoonigan’s series Daily Transmission. The car was stripped of its interior and was left hand drive swapped. They even broke an engine hoist trying to pull the original dashboard out in one piece.

Fast forward to today’s Daily Transmission episode and there are 12 days left until SEMA and a lot to be done. 

Most of what was left to get the car SEMA ready was visual, specifically measuring and fitting wheels on the car. Hoonigan called up Ron Baugh from wheel manufacturer Forgiato to help get the right measurements and fill their wheel well to the max. Baugh previously showed up in Episode 64 of Daily Transmission with a Japanese-inspired Foxbody Mustang. This time he showed up with his “company car,” a Dodge Challenger with Forgiato wheels, gold wheels on the driver side and white wheels on the passenger side.

They got down to business and Baugh measured everything in the Ute’s wheel well to get the maximum size that will fit. The Ute was going to have upgraded coilovers and potentially a big brake kit in the future, so Baugh also took those into consideration for his measurements. 

Baugh comes back with the finished set of wheels and lays down a smokey burnout in his Challenger.

You get to see more behind the scenes of the Ute’s road to SEMA including the last hours of the build. For more of the details check out Hoonigan’s video below.