Get a Crew View of Formula Drift Driver Matt Field

Hoonigan follows FD driver Matt Field and his team for the first full episode of Crew View.

For the first episode of Hoonigan’s new show Crew View, the Hoonigans follow Formula Drift Falken Tire driver Matt Field and his 1,000-horsepower Corvette drift car at Formula Drift Seattle.

Crew View used to be a small segment on Hoonigan’s old Friday show, Daily Transmission Tangents before they semi-retired the show. They recently decided to expand the segment into its own full show which can be found on what the Hoonigans call Wildcard Wednesdays and Fridays. 

For Crew View, Hoonigan’s shop foreman Dan Sommer follows around a Falken Tire sponsored driver showcasing the driver, his car, the team that supports the driver and the car, as well as any drama that arises through the FD event weekend. 

Matt Field is having a pretty strong 2018 Formula Drift season. He is currently sitting 8th in the championship standings and got on the podium in the previous Formula Drift event in New Jersey, grabbing second place overall.

At Formula Drift Seattle, Field had a tough bracket. Ultimately, he beat out Dean Kearney for a Viper-vs.-Corvette match up, then the 2015 Formula Drift champion Fredric Aasbo, who is currently number two in the championship standings, but Field lost a battle to the 2017 Formula Drift champion James Deane who is also at the top of the 2018 championship standings.

To get all of the details of Field’s Formula Drift team, check out Hoonigan’s first episode of Crew View “1000hp Drift ‘Vette + Rowdy Door Bashing Tandem Battles!” below.