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Watch Nakai-san Build RWB Tampa

Akira Nakai builds RWB Tampa #1, Pegasus.

Florida has been hit hard by Hurricane Irma and the road to full recovering from the storm’s damage will be long. There is, however, one positive car-related creation in the Florida area: Akira Nakai’s first RWB / RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF Tampa build. 

You may remember Nakai from back in March of 2016, when he created RWB Brooklyn at The Drive‘s HQ and we livestreamed his work.

Chris Petruccio of Krispy Media followed RWB Tampa’s built from start to completion and beyond. He created the mini-documentary for RWB Tampa as he has done for a few previous RWB builds.

RWB Tampa’s owners are a trio: a father, Ted Mortonson, and his two sons, Teddy and Max. The video starts with picking up Nakai-san from the airport. When he first sees the car he gets straight to staging the car. He jacks the car up on four jack stands and reflects on the work that needs to be done.

The following day Nakai gets to work. If you have not seen Nakai-san’s work before, it can be unsettling. He cuts apart Porsche body panels. 

Nakai cuts away at the Porsche 964 donor car that will become RWB Tampa #1. When you have a RWB commissioned, Nakai is not the only one doing the work. You are also part of the build helping Nakai with parts of the build creating a lasting memory. According to Nakai, he can complete a 964 build in one and a half to two days. 

For RWB Tampa, the body work was not the only upgrade. The engine was upgraded from a 3.6 to a 3.8 liter, KW Clubsport suspension was added, Brembo brake kits were added, a M&M exhaust system, and Rotiform wheels wrapped in Toyo Tires.

Eventually, RWB Tampa #1 was complete, and was known as “Pegasus.” But the journey didn’t stop there. The Mortonson trio took Nakai and RWB Tampa to Sebring. The cars wqas showcased at the Porsche tent and at the end of the day, RWB Tampa got track time. 

This shows that even while Nakai raises the bar in the form column, RWB cars retain all of the performance function of a Porsche. Take a look at the video below and enjoy the builds creation.