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Watch What It Took to Build the RWB Atlanta “Shingen”

Akira Nakai builds RWB Atlanta #3: Shingen.

Rauh-Welt Begriff builds are all a work of art. Akira Nakai began building RWB Porsches in the United States starting with Hoonigan co-founder Brian Scotto’s and Mark Arcenal’s one-off builds which were the first two RWBs after being built at the same time. Nakai has come a long way since then and recently finished working on RWB Atlanta #3 “Shingen” which is the 69th RWB build to be completed in the United States. Photographer Chris Petruccio who runs the YouTube channel Krispy Media followed along and filmed the Porsche.

We have previously covered RWB builds in the past, but every one is different and the work and artistic expression behind them is worth the look.

Krispy Media’s video starts as all RWB builds do—with Nakai hopping off a plane and being taken to the car. A few automotive celebrities pop up in the build video. Professional driver Leh Keen who made an appearance in this past season of /DRIVE on NBC Sports to help Matt Farah, Chris Harris, and Mike Spinelli go racing for cheap at the ChumpCar VIR24 makes his very own Porsche builds. When he’s not thrashing race cars, Keen builds Safari-spec Porsches. In the video, Keen describes the “family” aspect of owning an RWB build.

Another automotive celebrity also makes a cameo in the video, host of Top Gear USA and NASCAR correspondent Rutledge Wood. “To see an RWB car happen is really, Clark Kent becoming Superman right in front of your eyes,” said Wood. 

Eventually, the build is complete. I think one of the best parts is when it’s time to drive the one-off car down the garage ramp. Nakai insists on doing it and peels out with a little scrape. I don’t want to spoil the art with too many words, so go check out Krispy Media’s RWB Atlanta #3 | “Shingen” (RWB USA #69) video below.