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Watch the Hoonigan RWB Porsche Lay Serious Rubber

This was the first RWB Porsche Turbo born on American soil.

Everything that the Hoonigan crew does is rad. Knowing that I probably won’t be able to thrash trophy trucks around an urban playground, slay Gymkhana events, or perform half the stunts that they have, hurts a little. But my pain is then soothed when I see them do stuff like this—roasting the sticky tires on Brian Scotto‘s 965 RWB Porsche.

Not only was this car the first RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche built in the United States, it’s also been treated to a catalog of BBi Autosport parts that make the car an all-around hell-raiser. Built for on-track use, the 965 uses some of the widest Toyo R888R tires known to pavement to fill out the stretched arches. The last thing we thought we’d see is this thing break traction, but with a little help, the guys at Hoonigan got it done.

Scotto notes that he bought the car long before the air-cooled 911 market bubble, claiming he bought it for “Evo money”. Starting in 2009, the car’s been treated to a long list of upgrades that include three-piece custom wheels, KW shocks, a sunroof delete, and various other unique touches. Knowing now what he’s got, it’s doubtful that Scotto will let this car go anytime soon—and we can’t blame him.

Influences from Nakai-San and, surprisingly, the Volkswagen scene made this Porsche what it is today. It may be the second-most recognizable car in the Hoonigan garage, and to some, the best by far. Regardless of your opinion, it’s impossible to discredit the level of this RWB build.