Dodge Challenger Hellcat Driver Demolishes Passing Truck in Idiotic Cars and Coffee Crash

Sure, everyone’s anxious to get out and have fun these days. But don’t be like this.

byPeter Holderith|
Dodge Challenger Hellcat Driver Demolishes Passing Truck in Idiotic Cars and Coffee Crash

Viral clips of performance cars leaving meets around the country provide a treasure trove of drivers finding their limits with a bang. If you're lucky, they just hit a curb, a pole, or something else large and decidedly stationary. This time around, though, that's not the case.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat leaving this particular get-together thankfully doesn't hit a crowd of spectators, but it does the next worst thing. After trying to power out of a slide leaving the event, the driver loses control, impacts the side of a Chevy Silverado, and flips it onto its roof.

Mopar 300S via YouTube

The collision occurred on Sunday at a Cars and Coffee event in Loveland, Colorado. According to Facebook commenters who claim to have seen it with their own eyes, there were two occupants in the pickup truck who were both wearing their seatbelts and escaped the rollover completely unharmed, albeit extremely upset. 

Based on its plates, the flipped Silverado looks to be a fleet vehicle—likely a rental or a company truck.

The car in question isn't just any Challenger, either; given the Hellcat Widebody fender flares, we know it's packing well over 700 horsepower. It may even be a Hellcat Redeye, in which case that means 797 hp. In reality, that's about 500 more hp than you need to get yourself in trouble. According to a commenter in the Colorado Cars and Coffee Facebook group, the Mopar was almost brand new and had just 3,000 miles on it.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after the accident occurred, and we've contacted them for comment. At the time of publishing, we have yet to hear back.

Regardless of what you drive, remember not to be this guy. Car meets have been a long time coming, we get that, but there's no excuse for acting like a tool in traffic.

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