Our Ford Mustang Problem Is Continuing in 2020, and Now It’s Killed a Poor Dog

Car clubs, be warned.

byJames Gilboy|
Ford News photo

Ah, the lovely Ford Mustang. The American icon that in recent years has become synonymous with stupid shenanigans has done it again. Whether it's the owners' lack of driving talent, pure stupidity, or a combination of both, folks have grown to learn to stay out of their way in public gatherings⁠—and for good reason⁠—as this video taken at a recent car meet in Texas shows.

While leaving a meet held at a Hooters-type establishment, the driver of an S197 Mustang GT gassed it while entering a busy stretch of road, with predictable results. Before you can say "oh there it goes!" he visibly loses the rear end before lifting off, over-correcting, and spearing into the path of a Cadillac Escalade that ends up t-boning the rogue pony car.

Here’s where the story takes a depressing turn, unfortunately. Though no people were injured in the collision, the Mustang and Escalade weren't the incident's only casualties. Reportedly occupying the Escalade at the time of the crash was a dog named Ollie who, spooked by the impact, leaped from the SUV's window and ran into the highway. Ollie's owner tweeted that they gave chase, but was unable to catch their pet, which was struck and killed by traffic.

The lessons to be learned from these lost vehicles and deceased pet are practically platitudes at this point—only buy cars you're capable of handling and don't drive like the above on public roads. If you're going to ignore both these pieces of advice, then at least be sure you don't implicate bystanders in your idiocy. The consequences for our follies, we can agree, should fall exclusively on ourselves.

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