Mexican Police Department Adds Ford Mustang GTs as Drug Interceptors

Bad boys bad boys, what you gonna do when they come for you?

byJames Gilboy| PUBLISHED Jan 29, 2020 8:46 AM
Mexican Police Department Adds Ford Mustang GTs as Drug Interceptors

Not all police departments buy Ford Mustangs for PR use, some of them use Ford's pony car for Old West-esque fantasies, like blasting across North America in pursuit of those who wronged you. Two officers in the wealthy Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende will do just that—because its state police force has reportedly bought a pair of Ford Mustang GTs as t work as high-speed, drug interceptors.

Milenio reports that this week, the two Mustangs began patrolling the arterial roads of their municipality (which is known for its high density of European, American, and Canadian expats). Both cars are looped into the city's newly upgraded surveillance and police communications system, making them effectively the department's first response to reports of theft and arms of drug trafficking. Each car will reportedly be driven by specially trained officers, which helps make this entire story sound like a synopsis for a Neo-Western film.

"These Ford Mustang units meet the standards and norms that the National Public Security System manages and will be operated by two specially trained agents," commented the mayor of San Miguel de Allende, Luis Alberto Villarreal García, reports Mexico News Daily. "We're going to defend the employees, families, and investments [of San Miguel] because we're going to continue being this safe city where people live much, much better lives."

San Miguel de Allende's police department was reportedly able to purchase the two Mustangs due to a new property tax that feeds a municipal security fund, which will in part pads the police department's coffers. More importantly than acquiring two fast Fords, the entire department will reportedly get a 10 percent raise, making them the best-paid officers in the state of Guanajuato. The cost of living in Mexico may be low, but with the average monthly salary for Mexican police officers comes in at measly $500 in 2017, according to Mexico News Daily.

Queue on the Cops theme song, boys.

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