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‘Impaired’ Ford Mustang Driver Smashes House Twice With Two Cars in Legendary Crime Spree

One for the record books.

Amidst the spread of a once-in-a-lifetime plague, it takes a monumental effort for the actions of an individual to garner a headline. Still, one California man managed just that on an alleged bender that left two vehicles, one house, one face, and one criminal record in utter shambles.

According to a Facebook post from the Marin County division of California’s Highway Patrol, the supposedly intoxicated driver of a yellow Ford Mustang crashed through a fence in a residential area of San Rafael, part of the greater Bay Area, around 2:45 a.m. Thursday. Realizing he was in trouble, the driver of the Mustang was said to have attempted to escape the scene, but rather than putting his pony car in reverse, he hit the gas and slammed into the wall of the house whose fence he had just knocked down.

Awoken by the sound of a car colliding with their house, the resident approached the errant driver, only to discover him “clearly in no state to drive.” The resident confiscated the Mustang driver’s keys and retreated indoors to call the police, but the Mustang driver followed them, and in the process spotted the keys to the resident’s Toyota RAV4. The suspect reportedly seized the keys and fled to the resident’s vehicle in an attempt to make an escape, but being too out-of-shape to operate a vehicle, the suspect put the Toyota into drive and again crashed into the house, directly next to where they had crashed their Mustang.

The resident again tried to take the keys, but the thief then “began striking him repeatedly in the face causing major injuries,” according to the CHP. Shortly thereafter, deputies from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived on the scene, only to find the aggressor still trying to drive the RAV4 away, this time without any keys. CHP troopers thereafter “placed the driver under arrest for a multitude of crimes including DUI, battery and theft of a vehicle while other charges continue to be investigated.”

“Just like never saying ‘quiet’ when you’re on patrol, you NEVER EVER EVER say that you’ve seen the craziest things you’ve ever seen,” commented the CHP.

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