Drunk Ford Mustang Driver Doing Donuts Blows up Engine and Sets Tesla Supercharger on Fire

It's a Mustang thing, you wouldn't understand.

Seaside Police

Look, I know the Ford Mustang is the internet's favorite punching bag and oftentimes the car community's laughing stock. I, an allegedly smug Porsche-driving snoot-bag can even empathize. The pony-car crash memes must get old after a while. 

Then, one of your fellow Mustang hoons does something really dumb and reminds us all why the memes became a thing. You know, something like a donut into a ball of flames at a Tesla supercharger.

That's exactly what happened at the Seaside Outlet Mall parking lot off Highway 101 in Seaside, Oregon, per InsideEVs. Driver Ricky Criss did so many donuts in his Ford Mustang that the engine caught fire, setting a nearby Tesla supercharging station ablaze with it. 

Police used the term "burning cookies" to describe the fire to KPTV. That seemed unusually appropriate this time. 

Seaside Police

The crash happened just before midnight on Dec. 8. Criss initially refused to get out of the burning car as he tried to grab some "personal belongings." After police saved Criss from burning to a crisp, he was arrested and charged with reckless driving and driving under the influence of intoxicants. Criss' blood alcohol content was .18 percent at the time of his arrest, KATU reports, which is over twice the legal limit in Oregon.

I know we're all angry about Ford's decision to call a decidedly non-Mustang electric crossover a "Mustang," but let's not drunkenly take out charging stations over it, okay? It's a bad look, real Mustang owners. Don't feed the memes.

Seaside Police

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