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Mustang Owner Crashes Into Cake Shop, Gives Fake Phone Number, Leaves

Yet another mess for Mommy and Daddy to clean up.

What do you get when you mix a lack of driving experience, a 5.0-liter V8 American pony car, and a youthful and immature need to show off? A smashed up cake shop, apparently. 

Today’s Mustang crash video bucks the usual trend in that it doesn’t take place at a car meet and that we, unfortunately, don’t get to see the actual crash. What we do see, however, is the driver’s reaction and attitude towards it all and that, I must say, might even be more infuriating than the actual impact. 

We see the Mustang in a state of disarray, side airbags deployed, in front of the heavily damaged storefront of a Nothing Bundt Cakes cake shop. When the man-bunned driver fails to start his car again, he gets out, proclaims to the crowd, “I’m chillin’, bro” and appears to document the occasion with his phone. (Perhaps he, ahem, did it for the ‘Gram, as it were?) All the while, someone who appears to be the cake store’s owner is seen hovering and surveying the damage done to his livelihood, someone who this saint of a Mustang owner refuses to even acknowledge. 

Thankfully, the Mustang manages to start again. The video ends, but what happens next in this great American story is documented in the uploader’s description.

As we were eating this Mustang owner decided to show off in front of us and drifted right into this cake shop. He gave one of the workers of the cake shop a fake phone number without leaving his ID and books it. The phone number was literally 714 812 713H. 40 minutes later we saw him in handcuffs as we were leaving. The Mustang memes are real.


The memes are real, indeed.

Warning: Some of the language heard in the video below is NSFW.