Watch This Classic 1965 Ford Mustang Crash Its Way Onto a Trailer

True to form, this Mustang has a difficult time being loaded onto a truck for transport.

In recent years, Mustangs haven’t exactly held the highest public opinion for their road worthiness, mostly because, well, they keep running into the public. We’ve seen video upon video of Mustangs haphazardly fishtailing their way towards a Cars & Coffee crowd

But this scenario is a bit different. For one, this happened well below average road speed. And, to be fair, it wasn’t an actual Mustang owner loading this car in.

According to the account that uploaded the video, it was a truck driver from Dependable Carriers who was at the wheel of this 1965 Ford Mustang—a clean, nice-sounding one, too, at that. At first, the driver, cloaked in a high-visibility vest, looks like he’s doing a decent job—poking his head out the window and making sure the tires are matching up with ramps. While audibly riding the clutch, he gingerly inches the Mustang onto the ramps, gives it too much gas, and the rear wheels break traction, shoving the rear half of the car unevenly off the ramps.

“Whoa,” a bystander slowly mouths out while the crash is happening. Whoa, indeed. Take a look at what a slow-mo Mustang crash looks like.