Watch a Ford Mustang Dragster Fly 300 Feet and Crash

Adventures in lack of downforce. 

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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Before we even start breaking down the details of this crash, we’d like to set the record straight: The driver of this Ford Mustang dragster walked away from the horrific crash you’re about to see.

Well, technically speaking, Stevie “Fast” Jackson—yes, that’s how he’s credited by the Hot Rod Network—had to crawl before he could walk, as his Mustang drag racer landed on its roof after taking a 300-foot jaunt through the Georgia sky at the No Mercy 7 racing event last weekend. Sadly, the supercharged Fox-body Mustang known as “Shadow” wasn’t so lucky; it was left crumpled and burning after its brief flight came to an end in an impact against the track wall that sent one of the spotters sprinting out of the way.

Incredibly enough, the whole wreck was captured on video not just by the legions of ground-based cameras, but by a drone belonging to YouTube racing channel 1320Video that was hovering roughly halfway down the track.

“It was pretty hairy. I’ve piled some stuff up, but...that was about the hairiest one,” Jackson told 1320Video. “Being on fire’s tough.”

As for his ‘Stang, Jackson said he intended to patch it back together and hopefully have it back in ship-shape by early next year.

“It was for sale. It’s still for sale, it’s just cheaper now,” he quipped.

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Before its recent ill-fated aerial adventure at South Georgia Motorsports Park, “Shadow” was known for its ability to fire off eighth-mile times in the four-second range, with trap speeds coming in north of 190 miles per hour. Here's hoping Jackson can put his steed back together the way he hopes—the world can always use more stupidly-quick Mustangs. 

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