Watch This 3,200HP Twin-Supercharged Ford Mustang Run a 4.18 Quarter

Don’t blink. You may miss it.

bySean Evans|
Ford News photo

It’s very rare to find two superchargers working in tandem on an engine. Many have tried, few have succeeded. Brooklyn native “Mustang Mike” Modeste belongs to the latter group. Modeste is a six-time drag racing champion and one of a handful to belong to the “Six-Second Drag Radial Club.” His lightning-fast steel bomber? A Fox Body Mustang with twin ProCharger F-1Xs affixed to a 670 cubic inch Ford engine, a unit Modeste built himself. That combo generates a staggering 3,200 horsepower and allows the coupe to post aggressively blistering quarter-mile times, like this 4.18 second blast at 184 mph.

Last week, Modeste and his blue blur turned up at Lights Out 7 at the South Georgia Motorsports Park, allowing people to get up close to the monster of a dragger. Look close at the twin chargers and notice that Modeste’s written “We are not turbos” and “Yeah! We get that a lot!” on each, because he’s tired of explaining the unique setup to inquisitive passersby.

He also says that five years ago, when he last had the engine dynoed, it cranked out 2,936 ponies. Now he believes that number to be north of 3,200. That’s a whole lot of gallop. (What will Modeste get it up to in another five years?) We’re treated to a rear view of the Blue Oval screaming out of sight, again putting up a stupid-fast time of 4.17 seconds at 186 mph. It makes the competing ‘Stang—which put up a very respectable 6.6—look slower than a drunk sloth. Check it out.