A Lyrical History of the Mercedes Convertible

Spitting rhymes from SSK to SLK, and beyond.

byJun 7, 2016 5:57 PM
A Lyrical History of the Mercedes Convertible

At the start of things, in 1901

Then came the Twenties, with requisite roaring

Next were the Thirties, with murder and warring—

The Post-War Era bore the “Cabrio D”—

In ‘52, topless Benzes gained power,

Come ‘54, the world found Sport-Light

Late 1-9-5-9, the S Cabrio came,

With JFK dead, the USA mourned.

With the Seventies came the R107,

Eighteen years later, its dominance ended.

Cresting the Nineties, Benz made a four-seater:

(For those with less funding, see the wee SLK,

Two-thousand marked the dawn of a brand-new SL.

Today, we swim in a bevy of Benzes,

The latest that’s charmed us, with power and poise?