Watch This Ford Mustang T-Bone a Hatchback At an Intersection

Shocking news alert: It looks like the Mustang driver was being irresponsible.

byAaron Brown|
Ford News photo

A recently-released helmet cam video captured a Ford Mustang smashing straight into the side of a small hatchback on what looks to be a UK road, and it's not pretty.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, shows the point of view of a biker who was riding in the same direction of traffic as the Mustang when the crash occurred. According to the rider, he or she came up to an intersection where the lights were out. Though the biker stopped, the Mustang driver—who was in the other lane—plowed through the intersection just as a Hyundai hatchback entered its path. Unable to stop, the Ford Mustang t-boned the Hyundai at speed.

According to the video, police and a nurse just so happened to be at the scene when the incident went down, and they tended to the motorists as needed. It's unclear if any serious injuries were sustained, but the Mustang driver can be seen sitting on the curb with a bleeding hand.  

"Everyone seems reasonably OK, older woman in the little car seemed shook up and the Mustang driver has a bleeding hand, no passengers in either car," wrote the motorcyclist in the YouTube description. "I explained what happened to the police officer, where I was during the accident and how the two cars crashed, when I mentioned that the traffic lights were broken the Mustang driver said 'thanks buddy' to me but really does that excuse his driving?" 

From the looks of things, this crash could've been avoided if the Ford Mustang's driver had been cautious. Unfortunately, that apparently wasn't the case.