Watch This Biker and Cyclist Collide in an Intersection

It’s not always a car and a bike getting into a crash.

byRob Stumpf|
Watch This Biker and Cyclist Collide in an Intersection


Normally when we see these types of videos, it's a car and a motorcycle getting into a tumble. Sometimes, a car and a cyclist can run into problems as well. However, this is one that I haven't come across before, though I'm sure it exists - a biker and cyclist collide at an intersection at dusk.

The 19-year-old biker and the car to his right start out the video by jumping the traffic light before it goes green. He quickly accelerates through the intersection, and only a few short seconds later, reaches the other side of the the four-lane road. Waiting for him there was a group of cyclists ready to cross the road. Most chose to wait out the light, while the other began to cross in front of the rider.

The biker attempted to slow down, but it was not able to do so in such a short time. He collided into the cyclist and dropped the bike. Quite upset, he yelled at the cyclist who acknowledged the mistake, apologized, and shrugged. The cyclist clearly knew he was at fault and the biker needed to let off some steam. You can watch the video below, but beware of the strong language.

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Below is map showing the area where the collision occurred for reference. Even with the an island in the middle of the road, the cyclist would still have had to wait for traffic on the other side to clear in order to proceed.

via Google Maps

Road safety should be your number one concern while biking, riding, or driving in any condition. Your own safety and the safety of those around you depend on you following traffic laws and being aware of the action of others. Though the cyclist appears to be at fault here and the accident doesn't seem to be malicious, a number of things (like not jumping the light) could have prevented the accident from happening. Be safe out there!