Watch This Motorcyclist Narrowly Avoid a Crash With a Honda S2000

Just a reminder to always be alert. 

Storyful Rights Management/Youtube

Riding a motorcycle may be fun but it is also extremely dangerous. No matter how competent a rider you are, there is always the other driver to worry about. By the nature of riding a motorcycle, you are completely exposed and more likely to suffer serious injury in what often might be a minor MVA if between two enclosed vehicles.

In the video below, you see a motorcyclist traveling down Angeles Forest Highway when all of a sudden a white Honda S2000 (sweet) spins out of control directly in front of him, nearly causing a violent head-on collision. It is unclear what caused the S2000 to lose control, but it wouldn't be ridiculous to say the driver may have gotten on the gas a little too early out of a turn.

Fortunately, the rider was able to avoid the Honda S2000 as well as all the debris the accident kicked up.