Is the Honda S2000 F20C the Perfect Toyota AE86 Engine Swap?

A Toyota cult icon made better with a Honda heart.

byDanny Choy|
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How many of you thought it would be nice if the Toyota Trueno AE86 enjoyed a little extra horsepower without altering the characteristics of its lightweight, high-revving, and responsive engine? The solution is simple, but not easy: swap the 20V 4AGE for the 2.0-liter F20C from the significantly more modern yet equally thrilling Honda S2000.

And that's exactly what was done to this clean AE86 located in California. Check out this well done video from YouTube channel Copaze Films below. Warning: it's pure car porn.

Video thumbnail

According to the video's description, this Levin AE86's F20C swap was made possible by a handy JSP engine mount conversion kit. Last but not least, custom exhaust, custom fuel lines, and a Koyorad aluminum radiator ensures the car is both tidy and reliable.

But there's something the description didn't mention: this F20C is turbocharged. We barely caught the polished turbine in one of the panning shots of the engine bay:

Turbo F20C AE86

, A polished turbo is just out-of-focus on the bottom left hand corner of the screen cap., Copaze Films / YouTube screencap

The bright orange AE86 carries its high-quality theme of form and performance to the exterior as well. The BN Sports kit combined with custom front fenders gives the classic lines some added aggression. Meanwhile, the Endless big brakes that peek from behind a set of copper Volks Racing TE37Vs reveal this AE86 can stop as quickly as it goes.

F20C AE86

, Endless Brakes and Volks Racing TE37s are a timeless combo, Copaze Films / YouTube screencap

How would you build your AE86? Let us know in the comment section below.

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