California DeLorean DMC-12 Driver Given Speeding Ticket for Hitting 88 MPH

Time travel was not achieved.

Back to the Future may have inspired millions to lust after the 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 sports car, but the movie’s conceit largely ignores the fact that hitting the 88 mile-per-hour speed needed to achieve time travel isn’t exactly legal in the real world. Unfortunately, Santa Clarita, California resident Spencer White seems to have forgotten that speed limits apply when he recent got nabbed by the police for driving his DeLorean at 88 mph on Highway 14.

According to KTLA, White was merging onto the highway last Friday when he accelerated to 88 mph—reportedly after a little encouragement from his mother. The California Highway Patrol officer quickly pulled over White and informed him that he was going “exactly 88 miles per hour,” when he was clocked on the radar. 

White told reporters, “All of us started busting up laughing” when the officer informed the car’s occupants of their violation.

After a short while, the CHP officer returned from his patrol car, with ticket in hand. Unfortunately, Back to the Future rules don’t apply in real life.