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Buy This Outrageous DeLorean Hovercraft and Own Your Neighborhood

The future is now: you can buy your own flying (well, hovering) DeLorean on eBay.

Back to the Future told us that in the year 2015 we’d have flying cars—or at least flying DeLoreans. By the looks of it, that promise came true for at least one California man who is living out his wildest dream, and he is willing to sell it to you.


This eBay listing for a one-of-a-kind DeLorean hovercraft outlines the build process, which took place between 2008 and 2012. Since then, it’s been continuously updated and upgraded.

The body, which looks nearly identical to the slab-sided stainless steel original, is actually fiberglass over styrofoam painted with metallic paint. The effect is very convincing, and best of all, the hovercraft doesn’t have to work quite as hard to lift the heavy stainless steel original.

Given the fact that it’s powered by two 23-horsepower Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engines, the hovercraft is only slightly less powerful than an original, US-spec DeLorean. However, given the limitations of a hovercraft with no thrust reversers, it probably doesn’t handle quite as well as the Lotus-tuned original.


That said, it looks like a whole lot of fun, and the work is clearly top-notch. The owner lists a ton of details about the build, including some recent updates performed within the last four months. The final result is a craft that will look and perform as well as it appears to in the photos and videos.

Given the amount of engineering and fabrication that went into this thing, the $45,000 (or best offer) price tag seems very reasonable. Best of all, 10% of the proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to fund Parkinson’s research.

Happy bidding.