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This Guy Is Driving a McLaren F1 from London to Spa

Can you think of a better road trip?

Traveling across Europe is a dream for many. Key points from the New and Old World are trickled across the mountainous landscape, providing the ideal scenery for a day or week’s journey. While most simply rent a compact and drive through the continent, this YouTuber is taking God’s chariot—a McLaren F1—from London to Spa Francorchamps. Surveying countryside roads in the ultimate grand tourer sounds more like a page from a gentleman driver’s favorite fiction novel, but in this case, it’s being made into a reality.

Starting in England’s capital, Mr JWW got together with a small crew and met his machine, a violet F1 that once belonged to Rowan Atkinson. He purchased the car for £640,000 in 1997, crashed it twice throughout his 18 years of ownership, then sold it for a £7.3m profit. From there, the small group moving out through the rest of Europe including  legendary pit stops like the Nurburgring and Stuttgart. That last bit seems like a route straight from every gearhead’s bucket list.

Through day one, they’ve covered a decent amount of ground on the near week-long journey. There’s plenty of action to follow still, as most of the first stint was used to foreshadow the trip and what the crew will be doing. 

Is there a better road trip out there? It’s hard to imagine a better combination of location and transport considering the history wrapped up in each of them.