This Ford Mustang GT Crash Leaving a Car Meet Is Another Mustang Classic

Hey wait, I’ve seen this one.

byPeter Holderith|
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via Reddit

It's a joke that's been beaten to death, we know, but it just keeps happening. A user on Reddit recently posted a video of, well, you've read the headline at this point. A young driver, reportedly 17 years old, stuffed a Ford Mustang GT into a passing Chevy Tahoe leaving a car meet. He, a passenger, and the driver of the Tahoe were OK, but come on folks, this is an epidemic.

The crash happened in Maine according to the original poster of the video. The car pulls out of the lot where the meet was held, quickly loses control in direct proportion to the throttle applied, and runs straight into the passing SUV. A random person's day was ruined for no reason—and their reaction, rolling down the window and shouting "ARE YOU SERIOUS," is both funny and very relatable. For anyone wondering what happened to the driver, he allegedly left in a police car, and the Mustang is reportedly his dad's. That was probably a rough phone call.

The Mustang is a 2010-2014 fifth-generation car or an S197. It's got a 4.6-liter V8 under the hood producing 315 horsepower. As with all Mustangs before and since, it sends its power exclusively to the rear wheels, which is a lot of fun most of the time. It was not so much fun this time.

The clip was first posted on the aptly named "IdiotsInCars" subreddit, but it has quickly gone viral and spread all over the internet. For those unaware of the meme, let's just say we have covered quite a few similar Mustang crashes in the past. Ford added fuel to the fire in 2017 by adding a "Pedestrian Detection" system. It was, of course, a sensor-based safety feature intended to prevent collisions with pedestrians, but the name made it sound like a tracking device that might actually help.

Needless to say, this will not be the last of these crashes we see. And to be fair, they're common with any high-powered RWD vehicle, not just Mustangs. Ford's pony car is just very cheap for what it is and very common as a result. Charger/Challenger drivers, you're not off the hook.

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